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Site Systems Software Remote Data Monitoring in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Site Systems Software, Inc. is a leader in real time operations of web based remote data monitoring and field automation for Oil and Gas exploration and production specializing in North America gas productions. Site Systems Software, Inc. has grown to market its suite of data management products in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. With continued advancement of industries served, Site Systems Software, Inc. now includes Petroleum, Land, Marine, Telecommunications, Water, and Power as successful markets for its services.

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SiteAnalyst SiteAnalyst

A scalable, web-based remote SCADA monitoring service that is configured to the user’s personal preference. It gives the user the ability to manage orifice plate changes, choke controls, alarm management and desired security levels.

SiteAnalyst IoT SiteAnalyst IoT

Provides user screen layout customization, charting, alarm management, reporting, trending, and geolocation mapping of both stationary and mobile units. Allowing the operator to set up screens with the precise information needed for each site saves time and money.

SiteOnline Live SiteOnline Live

Provides a simple web application with a standardized SCADA interface. SiteOnline Live is designed to support legacy networks and browsers with simple controls and functions. SiteOnline has complete support for SiteAnalyst data structure allowing users in legacy environments to fully utilize application requirements. provides a suite of communication interfaces to IoT devices utilizing the cloud for data storage and standardized protocols such as RESTful Web Services, ThingWorx, and MQTT. Bring all devices together with a standardized interface along with any of our web based products such as Site Analyst or SiteAnalyst IoT for displaying any data, anytime, any format, anywhere, anytime. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of remote monitoring products and solutions.

Database Consulting Database

With 30+ years of database experience, Site Systems now provides both industrial and commercial database consulting with enhanced design, performance, and interface specifics ready to increase performance and flexibility of your data environment today. Whether you are upgrading, developing from new, or from legacy, Site Systems Software can provide the expertise needed to get best performance available. Call or email us today and one of database specialist will work with you to identify your company’s database needs and goals.

Web Application Development Web Application

Site Systems Software specializes in real-time web interfaces with IoT and industrial device environments. Site Systems Software can provide custom interfaces to your device network. Our services reach far beyond web application development; we work closely with our customers in order to better understand their objectives and deliver high-value business, process and technology consulting. Call or email us today to discuss your web application service needs.

Business Intelligence and Dashboard Development Business Intelligence
Dashboard Development

Site Systems Software provides the services to gather data from various application and device interfaces, and build concise and pertinent decision making views to give your company a complete view of productivity. This will enable you to quickly identify cost wasting and drill into tag various entities to further monitor production and any level.

Mobile Application Development Mobile

Common ground mobile applications can only do so much and premium applications are expensive and limited. The demand for customized proprietary mobile applications are increasing by the day, and with security being the utmost concern, the need for private mobile applications is much more so. Our highly skilled team of developers are capable of designing and developing mobile applications for any platform including but not limited to iOS, Android and Windows. Our team of integrators will work with the customer project manager to identify use cases, usability, security needs and application requirements to create the mobile application best suited for you and you users. Custom Mobile application development is a flat rate service based on the specifications identified during the use cases and application requirements process. Contact our sales team to learn more about our custom application development and how we can provide your company with the flexibility and security needed in a mobile application.

IoT Design and Development IoT Design
& Development

With Internet connectivity and wireless hotspots spanning across all major cities, the demand for IoT devices has been increasing by the day. Our developers work with all kinds of embedded technology and microcontroller units to build automation systems and IoT dashboards that meet your technological expectations, while we constantly support our innovation in order to future proof your business endeavors.
We don’t just build devices, we also listen to your devices at home, work and other places; gather data from devices and provide technological expertise on crafting your own IoT infrastructure.
**Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Backend Server and API Development Backend Server
and API Development

The biggest hassle of technology is the nitty-gritty details that make things work. When you come to us, we make sure you never have to deal with such fathomless details and can instead concentrate on the other aspects of your business. We can create end-to-end API for all private and public domain uses. We also specialize in deploying and scaling backend server applications using open source technologies, which not only provides us with the advantage of configurability but also helps keep your development costs low.

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